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Theologians Find Vines' 'Homosexuality Is Out of love for the truth and the desire to bring it to lht, the following propositions will be discussed at Wittenberg, under the presidency of the Reverend Father Martin Luther, Master of Arts and of Sacred Theology, and Lecturer in Ordinary on the same at that place. If his rht to grant remission in such cases were despised, the guilt would remain entirely unforgiven. God remits guilt to no one whom He does not, at the same time, humble in all things and bring into subjection to His vicar, the priest. The penitential canons are imposed only on the living, and, according to them, nothing should be imposed on the dying. Therefore the Holy Spirit in the pope is kind to us, because in his decrees he always makes exception of the article of death and of necessity. norant and wicked are the doings of those priests who, in the case of the dying, reserve canonical penances for purgatory. This changing of the canonical penalty to the penalty of purgatory is quite evidently one of the tares that were sown while the bishops slept. In former times the canonical penalties were imposed not after, but before absolution, as tests of true contrition. The dying are freed by death from all penalties; they are already dead to canonical rules, and have a rht to be released from them. The imperfect health [of soul], that is to say, the imperfect love, of the dying brings with it, of necessity, great fear; and the smaller the love, the greater is the fear. This fear and horror is sufficient of itself alone (to say nothing of other things) to constitute the penalty of purgatory, since it is very near to the horror of despair. Hell, purgatory, and heaven seem to differ as do despair, almost-despair, and the assurance of safety. With souls in purgatory it seems necessary that horror should grow less and love increase. It seems unproved, either by reason or Scripture, that they are outside the state of merit, that is to say, of increasing love. Again, it seems unproved that they, or at least that all of them, are certain or assured of their own blessedness, though we may be quite certain of it. Therefore by "full remission of all penalties" the pope means not actually "of all," but only of those imposed by himself. Therefore those preachers of indulgences are in error, who say that by the pope's indulgences a man is freed from every penalty, and saved; 22. No one is sure that his own contrition is sincere; much less that he has attained full remission. Rare as is the man that is truly penitent, so rare is also the man who truly buys indulgences, i.e., such men are most rare. They will be condemned eternally, together with their teachers, who believe themselves sure of their salvation because they have letters of pardon. Men must be on their guard against those who say that the pope's pardons are that inestimable gift of God by which man is reconciled to Him; 34. We say, on the contrary, that even the present pope, and any pope at all, has greater graces at his disposal; to wit, the Gospel, powers, gifts of healing, etc., as it is written in I. The former reasons would be most just; the latter is most trivial." 83. Related Matthew Vines Says Most Christians Are Wrong Homosexuality Is Not a Sin. Vines, 22, grew up in a Christian home and takes his faith seriously.

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Paul's Meaning in Romans -25 - “Sin Thesis” the first book from author Robert Torres (Amazon link) is a non-fiction book based on the many paranormal events that he began experiencing after he claimed to have alien contact. PAUL'S MEANING IN ROMANS -25 Submitted as Partial Requirement for the Degree of Master of Theology June 30, 1990 Michael E. Brooks

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